About us

We are a team of developers and project managers who aim to improve project-based cooperation to make work more focused and efficient.

For us, cooperation is about bringing people together and providing them a protected working environment. Therefore, we are working on a project platform that easily connects different fields of work. To illustrate the idea we have developed WeValCo Steps as a first step. An interface between Excel and MS Planner.

The first feature of the project platform will include a clearly structured task planning to support you in your project work and to make the cooperation of your team as easy as possible.

Since we rely in our own work on open source projects as a safe and promising alternative, we have made it easy to search for open source projects. You can use this to get inspired for your own projects, join these projects or use them in your projects.

If you notice something we can improve, we’d love to hear your Feedback.

Thanks for visiting and have fun!
Your WeValCo-Team