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  • Pricing – part 1: Determine the cost of your product
    What are the costs for your products? Can you make a profit with your products and how much is it? This and much more you will learn in this blog post.
  • Market analysis and the method of personas
    What can you gain from a market analysis and how may the method of personas help you to understand your customer needs? That and much more you will find in this article!
  • Detailed planning of projects
    How do you create a detailed project plan from your project ideas? From the selection of important ideas to detailed planning and agile implementation. In this article we describe our approach to realize project goals.
  • Finalizing your virtual workshop
    Why is it important to have a workshop conclusion? What options are there and what do you gain from them? This and much more you will learn in this article.
  • Perform a virtual Eventstorming
    In this article, you’ll learn our approach using eventstorming as a creative technique to get an overall view and design our software. So if you like colorful sticky notes, you should definitely read on.
  • Perform a virtual brainstorming
    In this article you will get to know how brainstorming works, what kind of preparation is needed and of course a lot of experiences.
  • Plan an online workshop
    A virtual workshop can be very intensive and challenging. At the same time, it offers the opportunity for people from different parts of the world to work together on one topic. The following points can help you make your virtual workshop a success.
  • Creating a rough plan
    How can you derive a rough plan from your goal and how does planning help you to achieve it?
  • Defining goals
    How a good definition of goals can help you to better realize your own ideas.
  • Here you find everything about the improved open source software search
    With the improved search form you have the possibility to search easily in different areas of the project information. Currently you can choose between the project name, the abstract and the tags. To simplify searching, we have introduced search-badges. You can reach them by typing “/” in the search bar. […]
  • We are online! Overview of initial functionality and search options.
    On May 26, 2020 was day one of the WeValCo website. We are very proud of what you can find here already. Our vision is to make online cooperation as easy as possible and for this we have set ourselves the goal to create the necessary tools step by step. […]